Splatoon Art

Splatoon Custom Inklings

About the Style

This specific style of art is based off of Nintendo’s popular video game series of the same name. Capturing the charismatic charm of the world and its Inklings, each Squid Kid receives their own level of attention and care. Have a blast creating your own Splatoon themed character below and submit your order for review.

Available Commission Options


Splatoon commissions are not limited to just Inklings! Perhaps you want an Octoling, an Urchin, or even a non-Splatoon universe character such as Pikachu? The options are (nearly) endless!

Style and Body Options

Customize your character however you want. Choose your body type, select your gear, and mention how you want the character to be perceived. The more information the better off the commission will be.


  • Mug Shot – Shoulders and up – $40
  • Grand Shot – Full body, with weapon – $100
  • Secondary Weapon – additional $25

Non-Splatoon character commissions will require a formal review before a price can be determined.

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