About Me

I’m Chris Szczesiul. I am a self taught illustrator from Connecticut. I have been working freelance for four years – mainly working with teams – collaborating to create the best possible projects.

In 2015, I moved to Boston to work for Pilot Studio on intellectual properties such as Hasbro’s Star Wars and Transformers brands. Chances are, you’ve seen my art out there.

I left my cozy full time job in Boston to pursue a career in freelance illustration – my true passion. I now work hard every day to create a name for myself, and a brand that is me. This is the place I have always wanted to be. Now I work on commissions, contract work, and personal projects. I am happily working for myself and my clients to make sure every piece I create is better than the last.

Feel free to contact me, or explore the site and all of its goodies. I love the community that surrounds all of this artistic mayhem, and if I don’t know you yet I sure look forward to talking to you soon.